Live Action: Writer’s Block



I am sitting here on a beautiful Sunday afternoon completely slammed in the face by writer’s block, so I’ve decided to blog my way through it.

My first and most obvious way of getting through it is writing this blog post. Whenever I can get my mind off of the story I’m stuck on, it usually helps. It’s better when I can write on something else, too. My creative juices keep flowing.

I’m also watching Supernatural on Netflix and I’ll be the first to say that is most likely why I’m stuck. I’m not focusing completely on my story (because Cass is hurt). I’m also kind of hungry, so let’s throw that in the mix, too.

My phone is definitely too close to me. Instagram is a real addiction. I’m sprawled out on my unmade bed and am in an awkward half curled up, half sitting position, which is unsurprisingly uncomfortable.

This seems to be helping, but I think I’m going to go make popcorn to munch on.

Ah, but this episode is just too good.

Episode done and conveniently went to the “Are you still watching?” page.


I made my popcorn, went to the bathroom, got comfy, and changed Netflix to a show I’ve seen. I know I should turn Netflix off, but I like to have background noise that is sometimes not music.

Let’s see how I do now.

Popcorn is gone, but I’ve gotten through about 350 words. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’m trying a new way of writing a first draft and basically doing it as an outline. Ideas are developing though. I’m at the end of the story and I find that the plot gets harder to create at this point.

Do you ever get pulled into YouTube videos for way too long?

And now I have to go meal prep, but still planning on writing more!

We are back!

All right, I think we got through it guys. I feel good with the amount of ideas I got out today.

This was an off-hand post idea that I had to try to figure out more about writer’s block. I actually really like how it went. For every person, writer’s block comes on differently. This little, weird exercise made me think about why I had run into it.

Today, it was mainly me not putting my whole mind into it. After I figured that out, I made the choice to make just a few minor changes because I wanted a relaxing, stress free Sunday.

This might be a strange thing to do, but it helped me! Next time you are stuck on a piece, try writing out your thoughts and what is going on around you to figure out why!


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