Why I Write

why i write


Let’s move past the obvious reasons that people write— to create, to tell people a story, to help people, to educate people.

Now, why do I write?

I need to write. Something inside me needs it.

On days where anxiety is high and emotions are low, writing brings me to a place where I can relax. I wouldn’t necessarily say I fall into a different reality, but more that I visit one. It is such a gratifying feeling being able to completely create a world from scratch. There are no rules (unless we talk grammar), maybe some guidelines, and no one  really knows what could happen. Do we even know?

One of my favorite parts is when the story begins to write itself, when you’re writing and all of a sudden it takes an unexpected turn for the best. Another is creating that bond between author and character. It seems weird to write that, but I think this connects with above— getting to know the characters so much that they begin to carve their own paths.

I write to stay happy. Indulging in a world that is not your own takes away the stress, the fear, and the sadness. I mean, unless your story is about the stress, the fear, and the sadness, but either way, it gives us a chance to step away. This more so than not, calms down my worrisome self and puts a smile on my face.

Accomplishments. Who doesn’t love to feel accomplished? For me, it’s much like the feeling after I finish a workout. The actual workout may not be welcomed, but boy the feeling afterwards is. Even if I write a few hundred words, the story is still growing. Step by step, day by day. Relishing in the small aspects of writing always puts a small smile on my face.

This isn’t as much as I thought I was going to sit down and write. I figured I could go on and on about why I write and why I love it, but it is almost falling into the category of things I can’t put into words. Sometimes there are things just too good to be able to find the right words for.

Apparently, this is one of those things.


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